4 Private School Benefits

As a parent, you will face innumerable decisions about your child’s health and happiness. Formal education begins as early as age three, and your child’s first experience with school will greatly influence how he or she views learning. Here are four benefits of choosing a private school and why you should consider this option.

Parental and Community Involvement

An internet search for private schools in Redmond WA will turn up many options. One thing almost all these schools have in common is an emphasize on the parent’s role in the educational process. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and participate in events or take a role on committees. There are also frequent parent-teacher conferences and opportunities to interact with other parents.

Arts and Extra-curricular Activities

Private schools focus not only on the traditional academic subjects but place special emphasize on all aspects of a child’s education. There are typically classes in music, art and dance, as well as a selection of sports for your child to explore.

Customer Service

Since you are paying a yearly tuition fee to send your child to a private school, you are in many ways a customer whom the school wants to keep happy. This doesn’t mean that your every desire will be met, but concerns regarding your child will be taken seriously and you should have no trouble setting up any necessary meetings.

Smaller Class Sizes

Studies show that smaller class sizes make a positive difference for both students and teachers. Students receive more attention and may find it easier to participate in class. It is also easier to spot the signs of a learning disability and set the child up for success as early as possible.

There are many other benefits to sending your child to a private school, and the option is worth investigating. It can help set your child up for success and instill in them a life-long love of learning.