Connecting with the customers’ – 4 contemporary web design techniques to follow!

E-commerce has long become one of the leaders in customer retail industry. Gone are the days where people doubt efficiency and reliability of e-commerce businesses. Today, e-commerce shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds of thousands of online portals offering comprehensive A to Z products and services. In growing customers’ interest and trust in e-commerce industry is owed to multiple factors including enhanced functionality, trustworthy security, engaging web designs to name a few.

Online businesses have been able to significantly improve customers’ experience through incorporating innovative and evolutional web design and development technology. The technology hasn’t yet hit its saturation point and still evolving for betterment every day.

Here are some highly anticipated web design functionalities and trends that’ll be leading the way in web design industry for coming years:

  1. Connecting with the real people:

Stock imagery replacement is long overdue. E-commerce businesses have long relied on stock imagery as a mean to connect with customers. Recently, we have seen a long dive in the interactive ability of stock images with customers. The hit in the efficacy of stock images is simultaneous to the rise of a new trend towards real-life imagery.

Customers’ have shown their disinterest in connecting with stock images and businesses have been able to comprehend to customers’ consent towards real-life imagery. The advent of 4K recording capable smartphones and numerous graphics apps has also helped business to take advantage of technology to their benefit and connect better with customers. We are anticipating the increased role of real-life imagery in web design in coming years and it’s time you start shifting your core web design towards this highly anticipated technique.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Slow loading time is definitely the biggest culprit in lost traffic for e-commerce businesses. Believe me, if there is one thing that frustrates visitors more than anything it is a slow loading website page. The advent of Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) has revolutionized the load time for web pages dramatically. The technology has boosted loading time for mobile pages significantly (remember, more than half of global online transactions take place through a mobile device).

A research has shown 44% increase in unique traffic for websites with synchronized AMP technology. In coming years we shall see a complete shifting of mobile pages to AMP technology, this includes not just the media or news pages, rather many e-commerce businesses will be shifting towards this technology.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Chatbots are a reality today! A few years back there weren’t many developers who believe in the successful implementation of artificial intelligence as customer representatives. However, the high computing capability, powerful behavior analysis algorithms, neural network processing, and sophisticated data processing capabilities have paved the way for machine domination over humans.

Large e-commerce stores have already started testing the artificial intelligence based “Chatbots” to serve as customer representatives; handling customer queries in real time. We can expect many internationally recognized stores like Amazon, Alibaba, Mighty Ape NZ, etc. to incorporate Chatbots into their web design. In coming years, we will see more powerful and resourceful artificial intelligent Chatbots to enhance customers’ experience by offering real-time support.

  1. High-Resolution Imagery

Just like real-life imagery, high-resolution imagery is fast becoming the norm in the e-commerce industry. This trend is especially favored by e-commerce stores offering products than services. Customers’ want better and enhanced images of products beforehand. More and more e-commerce stores are offering high-resolution imageries of their products, to attract customers. This is one trend that has already taken its root in the industry and will only further in coming years.

A Brief Picture

To sum up, evolutionary and innovative web designs are leading the way for the e-commerce industry. Business owners are after contemporary & affordable web designs, which can connect them with customers. In a cut-throat competition, earning the customers’ trust and loyalty is surely the most detrimental factor for any e-commerce business to succeed.