Discovering The English Language

A fun way for students to be immersed in the English language while having fun with their friends at the same time is to attend an ESL camp over the summer. This is an opportunity for children to be around others who speak the same language that they speak while learning the basics of English so that they can thrive in school and while talking to family members and friends.

Many camps last for about a week or longer. Children will sleep in cabins or other safe areas in a tent with a few people who are their age. There are workers who will usually sleep in the same area as the children who attend camp to provide safety for them. Some camps have larger houses that have bunk beds so that all females or all males can sleep in the same building at one time. While at an ESL summer camp, children will meet with each other to talk about where they are from and the language that they speak. They could talk about why they want to learn English or where they go to school.

Camps that are held at colleges or schools have dorm rooms that are used for the students as well as a cafeteria so that students can have access to food and tables. Larger schools often work with students who are of middle and high school ages. Some of the teachers will help students learn English and show them how it relates to their native language, making it easier for them to learn about the various principles of each one that can help while they are speaking or writing. Classroom activities are given to the students, and there are group activities so that students can talk to each other. Some camps take students to attractions in the area so that they can learn about the history of the country while using the English phrases that they have already learned.