Do Not Reply to That Text

You don’t know where that text has been. The following is an actual text message that I received to my personal cell phone:

Hiya! A friend of yours sent you admiration! Do more IRL and vote on your friends – ********
Reply INFO for info, NO to unsubscribe

The underlined asterisks represent a link that, more likely than not, would have compromised my cell phone with malicious code or directed me to a fake site that would have tried to trick me into entering personal data in an effort to comply with the original text. I opted to forward this obvious hack attempt to my cell phone provider, who offers a service that is supposed to track and punish these petty thieves. Whether they do or not, or even can, is unknown to me. However, it is safe to click on a site like Wandera to check it out.

For every cyber thief, there is a digital warrior in the form of a comprehensive service, which is designed to stop digital attacks in their tracks. There is a bitter hatred for the cyber thief. Whether they succeed in conning you or not, the attempt itself is an insult, and not being able to see or confront your attacker is an uneasy feeling. No matter how it is looked at, cyber-crime, and cell phone attacks in particular, are the scourge of the internet and the World Wide Web today. The people retaliating against these thieves are formidable. They are fully armed with the right tools and unparalleled knowledge and skill to take these attacks head-on and stop them before they get anywhere near your device.

The wave of cell phone phishing attacks via messaging services has proliferated in a short period of time. That leaves the opposing forces precious little time to combat it. But combat it they are. Fighting fire with fire, binary weapons in the form of comprehensive software applications can be brought to bear on all fraudulent attempts at grabbing personal information from unsuspecting victims. The battle is on and the digital warriors will win.

keeping yourself aware of these cyber threats goes a long way to preventing any breeches of your data store. Most of the phishing attempts are feeble and obvious like the example above, but there are very sophisticated attackers out there, and if you have not focused, you can be hacked. Having a digital first line of defense against such behavior; something that would function and protect your devices automatically, would save much time. Diverting your attention away from your important work in an effort to pay attention to you phone is very bad.

For every action there is a reaction, and the reaction to the cell phone phishing thug is a digital haymaker. This is a war and mobile phishing is a serious crime that, unfortunately, requires serious defense, and even retaliation. The digital revolution is growing of its own accord now. The best defense is knowledge. Know thy enemy.