I Didn’t See Her Coming

My daughter and I went out to the store because we wanted to pick up the latest gaming system. As we came out, it started to snow very fast and very hard. I could not believe how much it snowed while we were in the small gaming store. I saw a car coming at me really fast and before I knew it she hit me. I needed replacement number plates for my car because when she hit me, she sent my car to the right and she bounced off the car door before she bounced off the car door that was behind me. I could not believe it when she got out and I could not get out, I thought that it was really bad when I could not open my door because she hit me so fast. She actually got into her car and she took off, it was good that she had damage to her car because she ended up getting stuck in a snow bank.

The police officer told me that it was a scary scene and he could not believe that she did not stop and stay. When she took off and she heard me screaming, she said that she was scared and tried to get away. What the police did not know until they got to the car was that she was a woman who actually had been in trouble with the police a lot of the time and they knew that they wanted to arrest her and charge her with a hit and run. She also had a large amount of drugs in the car and I thought it was really bad when she had her daughter get out and run into the store because it was such a bad scene, she ended up in jail.