Increase the Security Systems at School

According to Rand, because of the school shooting that happened in 1999 at Columbine High School, there are about more than 50 percent of parents and teachers who think that another school shooting can happen at their school. Many people from all over the country have been completely terrified and traumatized at what has been happening in America with the recent increase in school shootings. Unfortunately, these past events have scared the nation, but it is a learning experience for all. Because of all of the recent school shootings, there has been an increase in demand for security systems to be in place in the school systems. There are more and more parents, staff and teachers willing to go above and beyond to make schools safer. It is important that teachers and students do what they can to make sure that they work together in creating a safer environment for students to comfortably come to school to learn and develop skills they will need for a lifetime.

According to ASCD, violence in the school systems has been steadily increasing over the past years; there are about 15 students under the age of 19 years old who are killed by gunfire every day. The number of school violence continues to grow significantly. There are many things that influence students and children in committing such crimes. Many times, their aggression and rage stems from their homes, such as divorce, abuse, lack of parenting, isolation, poverty, drugs, etc. There are too many horrible incidents that occur every day in the school systems because of what they have already been exposed too. Children are innocent, until they have been exposed to some type of aggression or violence. It is important that parents work with their children and be there for their children to prevent any of these negative behaviors from happening. Many children at school feel highly threatened to come learn, because they are distracted with the idea that they may be the next target for violence.

School is a place where students and teachers can come together to learn and develop skills they will need for a lifetime. Many times, students’ education have been disrupted because they are constantly worrying if they’re going to be the next target of violence. Students should come to school to feel safe and ready to learn. They should never feel that they have to come to school to constantly watch their back and look out for violence. The school systems need to develop a stronger security system to better monitor school violence and the behaviors of other students. There are many things at school staff can do to incorporate a stronger security system. There have been recent inventions, such as the panic button systems, which allow teachers and staff to be able to call for help during an emergency all from pushing one button. They can program this system to where this button will send out rapid emergency notifications to the right people.

Overall, it is critical that parents and staff all work together to finding a solution to school violence. Students need to come to school and feel safe, not threatened. School staff can definitely do a lot more in order to protect their students. Incorporating a stronger security system will definitely help to manage school violence.