Joining in a Religious Community for Fellowship and Spiritual Support

 When you move to a new city, you often have to reach out and establish new roots with a number of different resources. Along with finding a new doctor, dentist, and possibly even a new employer, you also have to find a place to worship at each week. You may feel like you are all alone and have no one with whom to share fellowship in your faith.

While you could join a local parish and attend Mass there every week, you may want to make new friends and delve deeper into your spiritual life in your new city. You can join in a weekly fellowship group, a mother of god community, or a Bible study group that meets at your parish to reach these goals.

Finding a Group that is Vatican Approved

Catholic charismatic groups exist in just about every parish in the country. While many are in line with the Vatican, others are schismatic and not recognized by the pope. It is these groups that you may want to avoid joining in order to remain compliant with your faith.

Before you join in the community, you can read about its church recognition and discover its philosophy and obedience toward Rome. Once you know you are not joining a schismatic group, you may feel more eager about attending the events that the group hosts every week.

Making Friends within the Group

One of the main reasons you also may want to join is to make new friends within the parish. Your new parish may have a lot of ministries that you could join. However, you may not feel ready to join in a ladies’ circle or take part in the Knights of Columbus just yet. You might want to get to know people in the parish first.

The group can be one of the ways to break the proverbial ice with people who attend Mass with you. You can join them for prayer and fellowship every week. As you get more comfortable with them, you may feel ready to branch out to other parish groups.