Making A Quality Cookie For Giving

A delicious cookie with a glass of milk is a treat that many people enjoy. You can send this gift to someone special by ordering gourmet cookies online or by making your own cookies to put in a gift basket. When you order cookies online, you need to look at the reputation of the business and how the cookies are packaged. Make sure the cookies are safely placed in a container so that they don’t get damaged in transit and so that they aren’t introduced to any kind of bacteria while they are being transported.

If you decide to make a gift basket with cookies inside that you prepare at home, there are a few secrets to keep in mind so that you make delicious cookies that are soft and baked to almost perfection. Read all of the details of the instructions before you make the cookies. Sometimes, you might not have all of the ingredients that you thought you would already have at home. You also need to make sure you have the proper pans and supplies to cut the cookies if you want to make them in a shape that isn’t round or square. If you’re giving the cookies as a gift, then consider cutting them into a shape to match the occasion, such as hearts for Valentine’s Day.

The pans and supplies that you use should be in good condition. Spray the pans and utensils with cake flour to keep the dough from sticking and so that it’s easier to get the cookies out of the molds. Only use the best ingredients possible and those that are fresh instead of ones that have been sitting in your cabinet for a few weeks. Combine your wet ingredients separate from the dry ones before blending them in one large bowl. Only leave the cookies in the oven for a minimal time, leaving them in longer if you want a crunchy texture.