Why Your Company Needs Monitoring and Testing Services

Your website is the gateway between your business and its potential customers. If your business is online-based, you rely almost exclusively on an online market. If your site isn’t functioning properly or isn’t showing up correctly on certain browsers or mobile devices, this can have a negative impact on the amount of revenue you would otherwise earn. Using a monitoring and testing service, as provided by Apica Systems, will help to bridge the gap between your site and any potential internal problems.

What is a Testing Service?

Testing services will automatically test your server to ensure that your site is active at all times. If the site goes down for any reason, you will receive an alert so that you can rectify the issue immediately. This prevents your site from having a lot of downtime, which can affect the amount you earn and the potential to gain new customers who are visiting you for the first time.

What is a Monitoring Service?

Monitoring services work similarly to testing services, but they maintain the website while you’re away. If there is a problem with the site or it is experiencing downtime, the system itself tries to get the website back up on its own. This gets rid of the need to be sitting by and hoping that you can figure out the problem when a server goes down because the program does it for you. This results in practically zero downtime for you, your site and your customers.

How to Use a Software to Get it Done

The software program needs to be designed to do both testing and monitoring. If it does only testing, you’ll still be responsible for getting the site back up if it experiences downtime. On the other hand, if you just have monitoring done, you’ll never be able to test the site on different screens, browsers or devices and will not receive alerts if there is a problem. For this reason, it’s crucial that you invest in both a testing and monitoring system designed by a company that specializes in IT.

Installing and Customizing the Program

In order for the program to work well, it needs to be fully customized to meet your site’s demands and needs. This means putting in both the site URL as well as any applicable servers. The program will then scan these servers and test them to ensure that they have connected correctly. If you’re experiencing problems, a lot of IT companies can install and program these software products for you for a reasonable fee.

Program Costs and Upgrades

The program can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars depending on whether or not you need someone to help install it and what features it contains. Once you’ve decided on a program, be sure to get it annual upgrades to keep it working to the best of its ability and to perform in a way that will benefit your site.